Fundraising results, new “Add to Favorites”, Public Booklists, Android App, updated category filter, and more

Fundraising results, new “Add to Favorites”, Public Booklists, Android App, updated category filter, and more

Oct 19, 2021
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Hello, ZLibrary Community!

We would like to begin by congratulating everyone on a successful fundraising campaign! We are grateful to you for supporting our project despite the difficult last 2 years. Your feedback and suggestions also help the project to develop in the right direction. Thank you all!

Meanwhile, our development team doesn’t just sit around and the new updates are proof of that. No doubt many of you have already noticed the disappearance of the “Saved books” and the “Save for later” button. But don't worry, the feature isn't gone, we have just improved it and now you can save books to Favorites by using the heart button under the book title. We recommend adding tags, this will significantly help you organize your Favorites and quickly sort books. Next to the "Add to Favorites" button, there is another useful button that allows you to add a book to your booklist in one click.

And speaking of booklists, this is the next update that our Team has been working hard on:

  • The “My booklists” page has been completely redesigned. We have added a sort option and a search form. There are two modes of displaying your booklists - as a list and as folders.
  • Booklists are now divided into private and public. As you may have guessed, the private ones are only displayed to the author, while the public booklists are accessible to everyone on the “Public booklists” page.
  • When you create a new booklist, it is public by default. To make it private, you need to choose the appropriate checkbox while creating a booklist, or you can change the privacy on the booklist page (the option “Make booklist private”).
  • We also have added a “Favorite booklists” section. There you can save those public booklists you like best (using a heart button). In the future you will be able to track changes in your favorite booklists. Favorite booklists can also be sorted and displayed in different modes (list view and folders view).
  • The “Public booklists” section. As we already mentioned, it contains all the users' public booklists. We certainly know there are book experts in the library who have something to recommend other users to read. This is your chance to share your book recommendations with the whole community!
  • If you want to see all the public booklists of a particular user, just click on his/her nickname.
  • If a book has been added to the booklist, that booklist will appear on the book page under the Terms section.

Favorite booklists:

Remember, we talked about the new categorization system in a recent post? That was a good reason to improve the category filter. The new filter is located on the “Recently Added” page and under the “Suggest a correction” option. We hope this filter will bring your experience with categories to a new level!

Probably the page we are going to talk about hasn't been changed since the founding of the project. We took the liberty of changing the mechanism for logging into an account, and now it’s more convenient to use it.

Good news for Android owners! We have created a simple app to improve your experience on mobile devices. At the moment, the application is available for download only on our website. The functionality of the app is limited, but we plan to gradually add new features. Enjoy it!

A few words about minor, but still important updates:

  • Now popular books are displayed according to your interface language. For example, if you are using the Spanish version of the site, you will only see Spanish books under the Most Popular.
  • We have added a search for the most frequently used words in a book text (Terms).
  • A special profile icon for Premium members.
  • Refreshed design of our Blog. How do you like it?

Thank you for your attention! We are looking forward to your feedback :)

You have to make a change on the post: ".... into an account, and ""now"" it’s more convenient to use it."
Eitherway congrats, i see good improvements overall.
19 October 2021 (21:02) 
Blog looks amazing all around, plus other site enhancements - thanks so much for listening to the community and implementing suggestions/ideas to make this better for everyone.

Small issues/bugs I've noticed...
~No longer able to log onto despite being in the premium category; it always redirects to and not sure why.
~Can't figure out how to remove my completed book requests from the requests list.
~When clicking on the file type and size to download from a search result (not needing to open that individual page), the book isn't marked as downloaded even after refreshing the page or going to the individual book page - so the user would still need to open the individual book page and click "mark as downloaded."
19 October 2021 (21:46) 
Please add grouping for same books in different formats.
19 October 2021 (23:03) 
Many thanks for your great work!!!
How about speeding up the heart button by making it "one-click"?
This would save the delay of several seconds until the submenu pops up and the second click?
20 October 2021 (00:07) 
Many thanks for your great work!!!
How about speeding up the heart button by making it "one-click"?
This would save the delay of several seconds until the submenu pops up and the second click?
20 October 2021 (00:24) 
Sorry for double-posting: my firefox did not seem to send my post therefore I reloaded the page and clicked again. Sometimes the heart button has the same problem in that it does not show the sub-menu.
20 October 2021 (00:33) 
No, I don't have any suggestions, I'm just here to say thank you very much! :)
20 October 2021 (02:10) 
thank you very much!
20 October 2021 (02:52) 
Could your team consider to update the function about download records that could only count one time in the download list but not count again when I try to download the same book? Otherwise, it will waste my quota in this regards, many thanks!
20 October 2021 (03:35) 
Thank you!!!
20 October 2021 (04:17) 
Big Thanks ^_^ Really help me a lot.
20 October 2021 (06:13) 
Dear Zlibrary: Thank you so much for this wonderful site!
20 October 2021 (06:20) 
Thank you for making such a fantastic site.
20 October 2021 (07:07) 
A bit tongue-in-cheek 😋 in the heart ❤ button announcement showing a UX Improvement book in the screenshot. Loving your work. Looking forward to the next fundraising drive for unlimited downloads.
20 October 2021 (07:38) 
You guys are great, we will support your next round of fund-raising, preferrably in the winter and summer vocations so we can have more time to browse this fantastic site!
20 October 2021 (08:02) 
ZLibrary Team (Valeria Bookos)
@gabito705, oops, thank you! This error was corrected :)

@ jm, we will check out the issues you have mentioned as soon as possible! Regarding the completed book requested, at the moment there is no option to remove it but we will consider adding such an option.

@Bookie2020, @ xxxxx, thank you for your suggestions! We will also take them into consideration!
20 October 2021 (11:39) 
Thank you so much! Keep up the good work!
20 October 2021 (13:24) 
Great :)
20 October 2021 (13:50) 
eDook · 電子書
Thank you, so keep it up
20 October 2021 (13:57) 
Greg Hooten
You seem to have added the ability to download from the Favorites list and then removed it. For a month I was able to download from the book format/size field in the Favorites without drilling into the book, and now I cannot. Can this be restored?
20 October 2021 (15:39) 
Thanks so much, but please improve the recommendation system! Its just the same books over and over!
20 October 2021 (15:43) 
Jean-François Ponge
I hope the functions "upload a journal article" and "upload a book chapter" will come soon, in order that so many seminal old papers unavialble online could be put to the knowledge of young researchers by help of our image scanners
20 October 2021 (17:46) 
20 October 2021 (17:52) 
Incredible good work!
Please implement the same favourite buttons on the .onion website.
I only use TOR Network to access Z-Library.
Thank you
20 October 2021 (18:05) 
Hola, solo quería agradecer por el sitio, ayudan a mucha gente. Gracias
20 October 2021 (18:36) 
The heart for favorites doesn't show up when searching books.
Put it back the OLD way. The read later tab. It was so much easier to organize
21 October 2021 (02:06) 
@ZLibrary, please add ability to set book's year higher than current year since there are books available online that scheduled for future.
21 October 2021 (09:06) 
A million tons of thanks for all of you!!!
21 October 2021 (10:02) 
Thanks Zlibrary for this project. It is very useful to me who is in the teaching profession.
21 October 2021 (10:21) 
thank you!
21 October 2021 (11:25) 
Hi, when I open the tor version I always get an error msg: 'Version 2 Onion Sites will be deprecated soon. [...] Tor is ending support of v2 onion services beginning in July 2021...'.

Will you upgrade to v3?

Anyway, thanks for the Library!
21 October 2021 (18:17) 
Regarding the doesn't appear to have the conversion feature...books all appear to be on epub?
21 October 2021 (20:33) 
susan tim
your books no longer opens on apple device since yesterday what could be the issue, the epub extension
21 October 2021 (20:37) 
Please consider offering Paypal as a donate option.
22 October 2021 (07:57) 
Giovanni Luca Urso
How can I make a monthly donation of let's say 2euros in order to be a premium use all the time? You can do a monthly donation in Audible of 12 euros and Ebook Prestige of 2euros. In this way you could solve all your financial problems and we could have a trustable service.
Thank you fao all you are doing.
Luca Urso
22 October 2021 (10:15) 
Why are some books <20MB? Therefore, unable to download
22 October 2021 (13:41) 
this is so good
22 October 2021 (18:58) 
There should be a method of bulk downloading. If you want more books from the same publisher or author you should be able to download all in the format you choose rather than manually clicking on every single book and downloading them individually. It's very time consuming
23 October 2021 (01:35) 
Ezio Savva
I saw a long list of recent books which I put English category but I see many russian language books are on the list, but they were not in English. How to inform you to change the language of these books? some idiots put english for all russian books.
23 October 2021 (02:13) 
Might not have been an idiot, but a mistake. Either way, it should be trivial for the database to recognize the characters are not English letters, and the same for Chinese, the other common offender. Then it could flag for review instead of blocking the whole English stream. Thanks!
23 October 2021 (03:57) 
Thank You Very Much!:)
23 October 2021 (07:11) 
23 October 2021 (14:38) 
Any future plans to have the app for apple users? :) Have been a long time supporter of, but sadly no android phone to download the app.
23 October 2021 (16:59) 
I would like a reward feature for specific book, in which the uploader would get the prize money.
23 October 2021 (19:40) 
Please also fix Bitcoin donation.
23 October 2021 (19:44) 
One update I’d love to see is the recommendation update. Basically an algorithm of sorts that picks up on the books you like to read and recommends things within the same sphere and it changes over time and doesn’t recommend the same things over and over again. I don’t know if it’s just me but the personal recommendation doesn’t work for me at all. And another would be the ability to actually rate a book instead of just leaving comments. I’ve seen trashy books on here that everyone hates with a 5 star rating😬
23 October 2021 (22:43) 
ThanK you!
24 October 2021 (04:53) 
northewest university
thanks to you guys
24 October 2021 (06:20) 
I'm proud of your work every time.,...
24 October 2021 (11:41) 
I have been having a weird problem in the last couple of days. The pictures of the covers are not loading and the recommended books underneath are not loading as well.
24 October 2021 (18:00) 
Lea H
This has to be my favourite site in the whole www. You guys are doing a tremendous job! I cannot possibly thank you enough!
I would really appreciate it if you'd consider adding Paypal as a donating option, that would be amazing.
Thank you!
24 October 2021 (18:51) 
Thank y'all very much!
24 October 2021 (21:53) 
Este sitio es por mucho el mejor 😃, excelente trabajo, gracias!!!
25 October 2021 (05:44) 
did you guys test this update before pushing it ? because my booklist is empty and there is only 2 books inn it instead of 40
25 October 2021 (06:23) 
Well done with all the features!

I only have one issue and that is that the Heart button does not appear on the TOR Browser.
25 October 2021 (14:07) 
25 October 2021 (18:39) 
Site de grande utilidade!
25 October 2021 (19:10) 
Any way to browse Recently Added in specific languages on the android app? On the website I can do an empty search and sort it by Recently Added, but on the app it defaults to Popular and I can't find where to change the sorting.
25 October 2021 (23:15) 
Thank you :)
26 October 2021 (05:21) 
Bala Arizalu
26 October 2021 (06:32) 
Could you add a way to manually order books on our booklists? I accidentally deleted a book on my booklist and now one of my favorite books is way down at the bottom. (I know it's a small thing, but it drives me crazy.)
26 October 2021 (07:35) 
ZLIB APK , can it add the sort by function?
26 October 2021 (11:40) 
Cheng Zhen
why can't I see the "already downloaded" mark today? I could still see it yesterday. This mark is so important to me. Can it ever return?
26 October 2021 (11:41) 
I'm not seeing the "Downloaded" mark on books I've already downloaded. Is this a bug. It's giving me a harder time to check if I already downloaded it and it keeps wasting my quota
26 October 2021 (16:07) 
Elena Danaan
I am Elena Danaan, author of "A Gift From The Stars", and I AM COMMANDING YOU to redraw my books from free download on this site, this is NOT agreed by me, the author. My lawyer is already informed and he will follow this up if you do not redraw all my books from your site.
26 October 2021 (18:34) 
I can see the Downloaded mark, however, save book/add as favourite button is nowhere to be found, no matter which book I see, even the ones that are already saved
27 October 2021 (02:43) 
Could you please make the popular books appear in languages that us users select/prefer? Just because I use English as interface language doesn't mean I only read in that, and I would like to see books in other languages I know appear on the Most Popular page.
27 October 2021 (05:53) 
You're doing an amazing work thank you so much
27 October 2021 (10:59) 
Grazie molte. Ho realizzato un sogno: leggere ogni giorno senza temere di finire il libro e dover aspettare di poter fare un nuovo acquisto. Bellissimo sito. Spero che tutti donino per contribuire ad allargare la biblioteca di Z-Library!!!
27 October 2021 (12:35) 
Thank you all for your great work ! I have a suggestion, maybe will be bed for some users, but good for the rest :). I just checked in the section "recently added" - sorted for English, and a lot of books were uploaded with "English" as language even they are in French, obviously by titles. Why don't you ban for a 1 day and more to upload the books for that lazy users ?? It's at least decent for all users just to sort the language correctly, even they don't want to go in more details, as category, covers, etc. Maybe in this way everybody will respect this site, your work, and us.
27 October 2021 (21:30) 
any update on the broken booklist ?
28 October 2021 (03:16) 
holy overlord vaayu
new update when
28 October 2021 (04:55) 
this is awesome!
28 October 2021 (15:41) 
thank you so much. i have no idea where I would be without this site. so happy to see the fundraising campaign was a success
28 October 2021 (19:50) 
@ZLibrary Team,oops,why cant I copy books to the website?
29 October 2021 (09:08) 
Dear Z-Library,

Is it possible to make ZAlerts more specific? The way it is, I'm afraid I'll get a lot of emails about books I don't care about. For example, I was hoping for alerts on Neil Gaiman's Sandman comic book series, but neither of the books in the email you sent me were that. If I created a ZAlert on an author and a title, would it work?


Robin Hatter

P.S. I don't mean to sound ungrateful. I love your website, and am very grateful for all the things you do to make it so easy to use.
29 October 2021 (13:45) 
You guys are doing so much for humanity. I can't thank you enough.
30 October 2021 (02:43) 
Every single one of my books ever published is up on this site, all of course stolen property. The work of my lifetime. I'm now 76 years old, still trying to earn enough money to live decently in difficult times. This site is run by criminals for criminals. Download a book here, and you are complicit. At the end of your life, will you be able to look yourself in the mirror and be proud of yourself?
30 October 2021 (05:06) 
On 30.9. made small donation (5usd/0.0001151mNTC) with my nick in description of transaction (can send data/jpg on request via account mail).
It was not recognized automatically. All mails were rejected as spam.
Please check, if deemed appropriate.
Can delete this post after reading.
30 October 2021 (09:40) 
This site is great for humanity.
30 October 2021 (09:40) 
I thank the Universe every time I need to find or read a book/article.
Is there also a chance of something for Ios coming?
30 October 2021 (17:02) 
Thank you so much guys, I wish you all the best and success in the coming future.
30 October 2021 (21:23) 
Great Job!Hope the same book with one unique isbn could be grouped together.
31 October 2021 (06:00) 
Nice! great job!!!
31 October 2021 (16:33) 
Thank you all soooo much!!
感恩,人类之光 (*^▽^*)
01 November 2021 (18:03) 
This library is amazing and I really appreciate everything you've done since I found you about 3 years ago. Sci-hub and this site has made education and reading SO MUCH MORE accessible.

It would be great to have a one-click heart/favourite button (removing the second click). Congrats on the new app. I know it's not perfect yet, but looking forward to the updates.
02 November 2021 (02:07) 
@ZLibrary Team
Dear Zlibrary team,when can I see the editor range?
02 November 2021 (07:37) 
@ZLibrary Team
Dear Zlibrary team,when can I see the editor ranking?
02 November 2021 (07:39) 
Thank you for your effort very much ,but so many books cannot be founded yet,such a pity!
02 November 2021 (14:47) 
One of your copies of Better off Dead , Jack Reacher story. No believe the cover has a 26 on it has the wrong content. After the first few chapters the content changes to one of his previous books. This is the second time I have come across this. Posted as FYI
02 November 2021 (17:37) 
cool, I'm so proud of this big community of books that are available to us peeps who can't afford them!
02 November 2021 (21:07) 
When searching by author name, search results can be overloaded with more common names. As an example, if searching for, say, "Tom King", the results will be swamped with "King" listings, such as the popular Stephen King. This suggests the full search name requested is not getting preference in the results. Anything you can do to improve the targeting of responses would be greatly appreciated.
03 November 2021 (09:20) 
@ZLibrary Team
why does my Premium disappear? I should download 200 books daily
04 November 2021 (10:50) 
@ZLibrary Team
And I have donated 5 dollars, why cant I download over ten books?
04 November 2021 (11:02) 
ZLibrary Team (Valeria Bookos)
@lucy, please check your profile again.
04 November 2021 (15:04) 
@ZLibrary Team
For some reason, the titles of all the booklists are displayed in ALL CAPS. Could you fix this? Thank you! (I tried to email you, but got rejected as spam.)
05 November 2021 (04:58) 
@ZLibrary Team
First, I thank you for your reply very much
Then, I have edited many books, about 200 books
why still cant I see the rank of the editor?
05 November 2021 (09:20) 
Hello @ZLibrary Team,
The Android app is a great idea. But it would be SO much better if the sent to kindle feature would be also added on the Android version of Z-lib. It would be so much easier to send books directly on our kindle devices instead on doing it from our laptops every time
05 November 2021 (12:57) 
ZLibrary Team (Valeria Bookos)
@lucy, thank you for your contribution! Please open the "Top ZLibrarians" page and choose the period "last month". If you made corrections recently they will be applied to your account as soon as we check them.
05 November 2021 (17:55) 
ZLibrary Team (Valeria Bookos)
@julia305, thank you so much for your feedback! The option "Send-to-Kindle" is already available in the App but only for Mobi, pdf (or other Kindle supported file extensions) under 20 MB. The file conversion option will be added later.
05 November 2021 (17:58) 
@ZLibrary Team
I hope that you will check my correction as soon as possible .
05 November 2021 (18:07) 
05 November 2021 (18:15) 
How to recommend the inclusion of recent useful academic essays for our students? Thanks.
05 November 2021 (18:34) 
Hi friends! I request you to consider seeing book requests in the "Book requests". Also i humbly request to post the original DRM free books not the scanned ones.
I thank you all for your immense efforts to enhance the knowledge through this library
06 November 2021 (13:02) 
@ZLibrary Team
oops,I cant edited books ,just see the"Unexpected token < in JSON at position 0"
please check it.Thanks.
07 November 2021 (06:02) 
08 November 2021 (04:46) 
Suryanshu Chatterjee
@ZLibrary Team

When I report a book the banner appears in chineese, please could you fix this. Just in case, check the banner for correcting book info too.

Thanks and well done!
08 November 2021 (20:57) 
I want to give my genuine, sincere, wholehearted thanks to the ZLibrary team.
I was desperate to read an Oxford University Press book, Ceremonies of Bravery (CoB). Yet there was no way I could afford the £50 cost. The cheapest I have ever seen it for sale is £25 which, is still way too dear for me. Naturally, as an avid reader the next step was to jolly along to my local library. Then, Covid19 swung into action, its super-villain cape of repeated lock downs flutttering in its wake. I have been indoors for over eighteen months as, I am in a vulnerable group. I hunted high & low for CoB online, to no avail. Then, after all of these eighteen months I recalled my ZLibrary account & voila. ZLibrary is The Only site that has CoB & that was on the bloody Clear Net! Thanks again. Finding CoB has been a very welcome belated birthday present to me.
I will make a donation as soon as funding allows, along with the intention of small, regular contributions from then on. I know that if everybody who uses ZLibrary gave £1 weekly, ZLibrary may be fully funded.

10 November 2021 (04:24) 
thank you very much
10 November 2021 (05:22) 
10 November 2021 (06:52) 
i do love the new look of this website where I can download my fave books of my fave authors and others.keep it up.
11 November 2021 (04:47) 
i also do love of your library having an app now.thanks for improvements:)
11 November 2021 (04:52) 
Need better language sorting..alot of Chinese book in English choice
11 November 2021 (05:31) 
very nice
11 November 2021 (10:02) 
Interesting, but (for notenglish-readers)
It would be very helpfull to get selected lists by Language
11 November 2021 (13:01) 
I just tried to donate. Having selected $10 I was redirected to my bank app. Checked everything, then saw I was about to pay $ 7,000. Tried again, the amount switched to $ 54,000. Please let me know when you've sorted this out, and maybe I will try again.
11 November 2021 (15:11) 
ZLibrary Team (Valeria Bookos)
@Suryanshu Chatterjee, that issue has been fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience!
@Mer2calmerY, please use the language filter under the Search options.
@bartsnel, the final amount was not in USD but in KZT. Please check it again.

11 November 2021 (15:58) 
Dhruv Chaudhari
This site is really amazing platform for getting books to read in easier way. Thanks to Z library team.
11 November 2021 (19:27) 
Is it possible to bring back the 'related booklist' below a book as lots of cover with same books thematic instead of the new dull "folder icons" ? It really added a lot of serendipity to your awesome site.
11 November 2021 (19:48) 
Agree with suggestion to offer PayPal as a means of donating. I am not comfortable with the other options.
12 November 2021 (00:31) 
thank you for your work!
12 November 2021 (15:36) 
Mistake: ; [IEEE 2019 IEEE Conference on Energy Conversion (CENCON) - Yogyakarta, Indonesia (2019.10.16-2019.10.17)] 2019 IEEE Conference on Energy Conversion (CENCON) - The Effect of Blade Overlap on The Performance of Savonius Wind Turbine ;

downloaded is another article:Processing of Extremely High Resolution LiDAR and RGB Data: Outcome of the 2015 IEEE GRSS Data Fusion Contest—Part B: 3-D Contest ;

13 November 2021 (06:17) 
Hello,i want to say,thank you for all you have done for us,from this website i can read many free books,which can only be bought from Taobao or other physical stores,many thanks.You have done brilliant work,hope that your team can continue for a long long time.
13 November 2021 (16:14) 
You are the Kings!!
13 November 2021 (23:18) 
@ZLibrary Team
I have a suggestion,which you can build a community . In the community we can communicate with each other
14 November 2021 (06:21) 
Maybe you can optimize the network environment, because I feel that there will be network delays when browsing websites in China.
14 November 2021 (08:14) 
any chance you could update your guy n smith books also the new one by william meikle operation london thank you
14 November 2021 (17:11) 
14 November 2021 (18:14) 
14 November 2021 (18:28) 
Does anyone know how to show the little blue "Downloaded" indication on the mobile site? It's not working at all for me and I'm unable to use the android app.
14 November 2021 (23:07) 
I agree with the PayPal option as I feel a lot safer using it. Love the site.
15 November 2021 (03:34) 
can any one suggest a decent William Meikle site where i can down load all of his books please
15 November 2021 (17:17) 
love you guys♥
15 November 2021 (18:28) 
thank you!!!waiting for the iOS version♥️
16 November 2021 (05:43) 
thank you!!!
16 November 2021 (07:47) 
sooooo good!! your site helps a lot~ if somday you have ios version, it would be better!
16 November 2021 (10:40) 
Laura DiLorenzo
Hi, I have downloaded Expect a Miracle by Danielle Steel twice and the pages are blank!
16 November 2021 (15:48) 
Hello, where can I find books in Dutch?
16 November 2021 (16:43) 
love you guys!
17 November 2021 (08:24) 
@ZLibrary Team why my download limit is 30 today
i am have premium account now
17 November 2021 (17:12) 
@ZLibrary Team please have a check
17 November 2021 (17:13) 
ZLibrary Team (Valeria Bookos)
@lucy, your downloads limit has been increased according to your donation. Please check the profile page.
17 November 2021 (20:34) 
Hi there,

I registered to the library but for some reason I can't receive the mail to authenticate my email address... Any suggestion to solve this problem ???

Many thanks
18 November 2021 (02:03) 
@ZLibrary but my download limit has not been increased until now
18 November 2021 (04:18) 
@ZLibrary Team please have a check again please
18 November 2021 (05:22) 
G Jiinx
I'm touched by the dedication from various parties on this site. I think the donation I made was the best one I could ever made. Even though I constantly buy books physically, this site is still a wonder to my life. Thank you, ZLibrary team and the readers who support the site.
18 November 2021 (14:14) 
Thank you for the great site!
I was glad to see you had the file: The Virus: a history of the concept. by sally smith hughes.
However, on downloading I was disappointed that the contents did not match the title.
Would you please correct this?
Thank You.
18 November 2021 (15:43) 
Now also the TOR version has complete buttons and functions, like favorites/saved and booklist. And some bugs evicted. Perfection achieved!
Thank you.
18 November 2021 (16:25) 
18 November 2021 (20:09) 
ok i have seen my profile thank u very much@ZLibrary Team
19 November 2021 (05:00) 
19 November 2021 (06:13) 
@ZLibrary Team oh my download limit is 30 again please have a check
19 November 2021 (11:41) 
19 November 2021 (12:43) 
hi, could you guys create an app for iOS users as well?
Thank You!
19 November 2021 (12:58) 
ZLibrary Team (Valeria Bookos)
@lucy, we have sent you an email. Please check the mailbox.
19 November 2021 (13:14) 
@ZLibrary Team last week i edited books and ranked the second .and i have got a premium account please have a check again
19 November 2021 (13:21) 
@ZLibrary Team i am sorry to bother you again i have sent u another e-mail
20 November 2021 (06:45) 
@ZLibrary Team Why the image of books cannot show nowadays, plz check, thx! awesome website, wish everything goes well!
21 November 2021 (05:31) 
21 November 2021 (16:29) 
Hi, getting connection refused while trying to download. Can you please check?
21 November 2021 (20:57) 
Really appreciate all the hard work you guys do. Cheers
22 November 2021 (09:45) 
22 November 2021 (10:52) 
23 November 2021 (10:55) 
23 November 2021 (11:01) 
Thank you very much for your efforts
23 November 2021 (12:13) 
23 November 2021 (13:22) 
😭 😭 😭 👍 👍 👍
24 November 2021 (04:30) 
24 November 2021 (08:34) 
建议开通微信支付以支持网站的发展。 suggest to support Wechat pay to facilitate more users to donate, for the continuous survive on the way of knowledge sharing.
24 November 2021 (08:38) 
I'd like to be able to donate, but neither iDeal or Pay Pal are possible options. With iDeal option I get the response: "Client error: `POST` resulted in a `422 Unprocessable Entity` response: {"message":"Method must be enabled to use it"}" and Pay Pal is not found at all.... Please correct this and enable iDeal and Pay Pal. Furhtermore I wish everybody best season's greetings and keep up the good work! Cheers!
24 November 2021 (09:56) 
Thanks for the black friday activity, I just donated but I can't see the book covers for two days, of course this might be temporary, and the webpage will be normal soon,but can you check it 'cause it really affected downloading experience.Many thanks!
24 November 2021 (12:44) 
Gina Girl
I have tried to denote on two different occasions with no success. As I enter my card info, it autofills with additional numbers. When it appeared I was finally able to get my card number entered, it said the card could not be authenticated. I tried two separate cards, both of which I know are good and work elsewhere. Any suggestions?
25 November 2021 (00:58) 
Thank you, @ZLibrary Team.
25 November 2021 (04:16) 
不是说好的感恩节期间任意数额,怎么还是必须大于等于$5 ?小于此金额都不能完成“支持”程序。哈哈。
25 November 2021 (05:47) 
download very slow.
25 November 2021 (06:00) 
I'm an existing member, wanna donate via Visa credit card. But I wonder why the system is asking so many private info for such donation: phone, address... I don't feel comfortable that the system asks too much info.
Even when I made online purchase and pay using credit card they don't ask so many questions. Can you please limit the personal info... after all it's a donation, basically you risk nothing to ask less so members like me not feel deterred. I wanna donate but I hold back because of those personal questions! I only have cc; no amazon, Alipay, Wechat pay. Thanks.
25 November 2021 (09:42) 
i'm glad to be a member of this community because i have finally discovered new things!!!
25 November 2021 (12:07) 
Can i stop getting alien porn when i search for Alienation? This search algorithm really needs to be improved.
25 November 2021 (12:27) 
9788845401497 Winston Graham Poldark Una lama nel cuore
26 November 2021 (01:27) 
So quick, the book cover problem is solved! Super, you guys are great, many thanks!!
26 November 2021 (06:49) 
26 November 2021 (16:27) 
Helene Kugit
I am a Premium member. Too many of the books I want to read say the file is 20mb, too big to download. I have followed the directions to download it to Google, but Google says they will not accept downloads from your site. Please help me.
26 November 2021 (20:35) 
ZLibrary Team (Valeria Bookos)
@h, you can download books directly to your device. Please use the blue download button.
26 November 2021 (21:53) 
Susan panicker
During download, the option for 'choosing the save location is missing now. Please incorporate it if possible.thank you
27 November 2021 (11:06) 
Dear Zlibrary: Thank you so much for this wonderful site!
28 November 2021 (06:42) 
Susan panicker
During download, the option for 'choosing the save location is missing now. Please incorporate it if possible.thank you
28 November 2021 (07:46) 
Thanks for the Black Friday offer and I’d also like to donate, but I couldn’t find Paypal as an option. Could you kindly add Paypal as one of your donate option please?
28 November 2021 (08:41) 
I am not able to find the black friday offer to be able to donate. I had it the other day, but wasn't able to do it then. Now I can't find to do it. If I just do the regular donate button, will it give me the black friday deal?
29 November 2021 (03:03) 
29 November 2021 (09:25) 
Hi team, how are all these downloads legal? Just curious 🤔
29 November 2021 (10:20) 
I have made a donation, but what I read in zlibrary is “ you have no donation...” what happened
29 November 2021 (17:45) 
ZLibrary Team (Valeria Bookos)
@lee, please check your mailbox for the email from us.
29 November 2021 (19:28) 
thanks a lot,i love you
29 November 2021 (20:14) 
@Zlibrary Team. Thanks . My email showed failed to send. I tried again just now ,hope to receive a way to deal with it.
30 November 2021 (06:03) 
@ZLibrary, I'm asking once again, please change max year to 2022, we are going to have tons of books uploaded with wrong year.
30 November 2021 (09:42) 
S. Miller
Thank you for all you do. This site is amazing. I make sure to tell everyone I know.
Question: How do we go beyond 10 pages in a search result?
30 November 2021 (20:22) 
No doubt you read and act upon every one of these. I think you have a broad selection of titles but the hardest thing is dealing with your really poor searches. Searching for an author or title is a Chinese fire drill; each word gets the same weight and looking for Isaac Azimov will bring forth every author names Isaac since the dawn of time, despite the unique string "Isaac azimov" even if enclosed in quotation marks, so your searches totally suck. And often as not a certain book I'm looking for isn't included despite the 4 or 5 other books by that author, the one I want is NOT there. Also some of the files are WAY HUGE; 35MB for a book? While others are less than 1MB?? So, fix your crappy searches and put some sort of file size limit; incredible that a book can be so large a file as to be 50x that of another book.
01 December 2021 (18:45) 
How can I thank someone for having uploaded a book of my book request ?
02 December 2021 (03:46) 
@ZLibrary Team. I have sent u an email can you got it
02 December 2021 (08:50) 
02 December 2021 (19:03) 
Hi, after registration and donation, trying to retrieve several papers I see the following screen
Not Found
The requested URL was not found on this server.

Apache/2.4.48 (Debian) Server at Port 80

Any suggestion/explanations?


02 December 2021 (23:37) 
Thank your team for everything you have done for us !!!
04 December 2021 (03:24) 
Jayesh Ranawat
hey I got a problem with the booklist which I created my personalized booklist and added a ton of books but after some days I see they are missing from the booklist I hope u solve this new bug i literally spent 2 weeks in that work hopefully u will provide some solution to it
04 December 2021 (07:00) 
It's lovely, thanks
05 December 2021 (15:55) 
thanks! you are so sweet!
05 December 2021 (18:50) 
Tafara Zhou
I want old shona novels how canIget them
05 December 2021 (19:01) 
Thank you
From China
05 December 2021 (19:15) 
06 December 2021 (18:28) 
06 December 2021 (18:29) 
My books aren’t going to my email, it says the book is downloaded, but doesn’t go to email.
07 December 2021 (07:27) 
Me encantáis pero últimamente todo sale en Inglés y sintiéndolo mucho ni se hablarlo ni leerlo,si hubiera una posibilidad de hacerlo en español os lo agradecería muchísimo
08 December 2021 (01:01) 
You are my favorite website,Thanks to the great maintainers。
08 December 2021 (03:59) 
@ZLibrary Team hi , I ranked the first as an editor last month , and I should get a book as a present . I have sent the link of the book and my address to you . ( Can you got it? thanks a lot
08 December 2021 (11:29) 
Z-library team, Hi!
Congratulations for your daily hard work. I am very very satisfied. Thanks to you we get access to many bestsellers. We are really joyful!

#Sir Barry
08 December 2021 (15:26) 
please fix the uploads that are Chinese books but marked as English
09 December 2021 (08:38) 
09 December 2021 (10:43) 
thank you soooooooooo much!!!!! btw, ios users also wanna have a mobile application!!!!!
10 December 2021 (05:48) 
I recently downloaded books but my email is not receiving them. Please advise.
10 December 2021 (15:09) 
Constantly getting gateway timeouts when attempting to download books
10 December 2021 (15:47) 
In mobile app, how can I search articles? Because it's always book that comes out.
10 December 2021 (17:38) 
Why the search page's amount is limited to 10?
How can I find the rest?
11 December 2021 (04:16) 
En primer lugar gracias por poner a nuestro alcance tantos libros. En segundo lugar quiero hacer una donación , pero no se como puedo hacerla en euros ya que solo aparece la posibilidad de hacerlo en dólares. Gracias otra vez.
11 December 2021 (13:58) 
11 December 2021 (15:06) 
Will you guys do audiobooks in the future?
11 December 2021 (18:15) 
12 December 2021 (17:06) 
quiero darme de baja en su registro
12 December 2021 (23:28) 
13 December 2021 (03:51) 
Sylvester Sakala
Thank you for this useful source of information.
13 December 2021 (16:59) 
14 December 2021 (16:00) 
14 December 2021 (17:50) 
You guys are super amazing! LOVE the constant improvements and features that too for FREE for bookies like me. Kudos to you and your team for working so hard. Keep spreading the love!
15 December 2021 (08:52) 
Much appreciate your work! Read more books this year cus of you guys, zlibrary are very popular in china own media, looking for more new updates and more books, love from China! ;)
15 December 2021 (08:54) 
Thank you for your contribution
17 December 2021 (09:43) 
17 December 2021 (11:06) 
Thank you for your effort, really appreciate it! 感谢!
17 December 2021 (12:05) 
mon don en $ ne passe pas avec la carte VISA. Serait-il possible de mettre des dons en euros.
Bien cordialement
17 December 2021 (18:42) 
Is there a Chinese takeover going on?
18 December 2021 (09:07) 
Thank you very much for your excellent work! However, due to the relevant settings of the comment area, many malicious comments with strong racism and unfriendly information can not be managed in time, which has greatly damaged the community atmosphere and made people feel a little disappointed. If you need Chinese volunteers, I'm willing to help.
19 December 2021 (11:10) 
Thank you!
19 December 2021 (23:48) 
Getting a lot of Unexpected token < in JSON at position 0 preventing me from sharing books!
22 December 2021 (13:04) 
Downloaded problem already last for too long, I noticed this problem that downloaded marks will disappeared after few days from the day you downloaded. I do send zlibrary email for this problem, I firstly believe this is a bug. But they told me this is because they have a downloaded mark limitation, and they increase it, but I believe it is not enough. Since many user like me use this web for a long time, many books has been downloaded will not be marked anymore, it is really annoy.
I hope they could fix this. But no matter what, I still love zlibrary, it bring me so much convenience.
28 December 2021 (05:33) 
Chi ha la serie di Grace Goodwin, può pubblicare i libri mancanti di Programma spose interstellari dal 17 al 20, poi gli altri due libri dello spin-off le vergini e tutta la serie spin-off Le bestie?
30 December 2021 (13:08) 
01 January 2022 (10:38) 
08 January 2022 (10:53) 
Je voudrai faire un don, mais je ne peux pas pour deux raisons, la première est que je ne veux pas mettre ma carte sur le web, et la seconde est que je voudrai payer en EURO et seul les $ sont admis ! Tout serait plus simple avec PayPal, et je prendrai tous les frais à ma charge, avec un don plus important !!
09 January 2022 (02:17) 
Happy new year 2022!
09 January 2022 (13:55) 
I love your website!
The 'personal recommandation' feature can be very useful *but* sometimes it can also be embarrassing.
Ideally users should have the option to 'display or hide' it.
11 January 2022 (19:45) 
@ZLibrary Team (Valeria Bookos), i am one of the uploader to your book. I guess that i encounter a bit of glitch when i upload this book, and when i open the page there is a blank page with "this book has been removed" in it. I want to upload back but i am not allowed to by the system. What should i do?
12 January 2022 (12:44) 
Looking forward to the iOS version coming!!!
12 January 2022 (17:50) 
Love your site! And many thanks everyone for sharing.
However, I have one concern, I noticed that a lot of pornography is uploaded as well, and as soon as the wrong kind is uploaded, your site may get blocked or taken down, and I don't want that. Can you please refrain from publishing pornography? Thanks.
21 January 2022 (12:36) 
Can you give an update when we can upload again? I can’t use add books for weeks now, but still other books (and a lot that already exists) appear on the site.
21 January 2022 (17:47) 
When will it be possible to upload books again? I would also have some. ;-)
24 January 2022 (23:09) 
Oh yes, thank you very much for your effort!
24 January 2022 (23:10) 
Sheila Barrett
I also donated and have not been allowed the 30 books it usually brings. I donated two days ago. Thank you, Sheila Barrett
28 January 2022 (01:06) 
Wann wird der Uplod wieder funktionieren?
31 January 2022 (18:00) 
04 February 2022 (06:37) 
Wäre es nicht praktisch wenn man ein Kennzeichen bei dem Buch hat ob es durchsuchbar ist?
Ein Dokument das man nicht durchsuchen kann ich sehr nachteilig.

Bitten an die Uploader: bitte macht Titelbilder, also erste Seite sollte der Buchumschlag sein. Und noch eine Bitte macht die Dokumente so das man nach Text suchen kann.
lg emmerich

06 February 2022 (20:24) 
I am so grateful for the resources we can get on Z Library, I am enjoying my life with so much more motivation every single day now. And my conversations with my friends, plus my contribution to my workforce, is of continuing better quality.

I would like to raise two issues:
- I find that the Z Lib app 1.0 is so much more better than the latest one in terms of features available, user interface. Books are so much easier to find with 1.0 (e.g. with 1.0 users can click on Author's name to search more books, and the recommended book list is there...). I hope Z Lib will see to this!

- Journal articles seem to have stopped until 2020 publications. Is there a way we can help to have journals back to 2022?

Once again, thank you so much Z Library and team.
12 February 2022 (14:49) 
OneDream- gabriel
Someone's using my account and downloading books under my name
18 February 2022 (04:50)
The forwarding to Kindle is NOT working. Please fix or if you cannot fix, please remove from website!!!

Thanks for the wonderful service and YES I checked that I can send books (mobi) to the Kindle address if I send them with my email
22 February 2022 (15:54) 
Upload with Tor don't work!
27 February 2022 (12:14) 
Thanks a lot!
02 March 2022 (08:06) 
Thank you very much i hope you will have this book ENGLISH GRAMMAR FOR STUDENTS OF JAPANESE author MUTSUKO ENDO HUDSON
03 March 2022 (11:23) 
Thank you for spreading knowledge
06 March 2022 (11:18) 
Muchas gracias, por favor tendrían el libro DESHACER LA ANSIEDAD del autor JUDSON BREWER
07 March 2022 (01:11) 
Thanks so much to the team at z-lib, as a member of z-community... you're the best.
11 March 2022 (09:43) 
You ar doing such a service to readers around the world. I humbly thank you for the knowledge and pleasure have derived from your site.
17 March 2022 (01:59) 
while your system was down on 14th March I transfered $10 from Capitec Bank. I do not know if it has been received. Thank you so much for your site...I enjoy it very much!!
17 March 2022 (12:42) 
Pls Pls make possible for me to donate with Paypal!!!
19 March 2022 (15:50) 
Donation has been made. Thank you very much for this platform!
19 March 2022 (22:33) 
just let you know i tried using Amazon Gift Card to donate, and order was canceled and I had to reenter all information. probably AGF not a reliable way to donate
20 March 2022 (15:44) 
Thank you, I'm new here, but I'll make a donation soon.
22 March 2022 (02:39) 
I cannot see the favorite icon since a while - is this on purpose? thanks
22 March 2022 (14:50) 
Je suis en France et je n'arrive pas à faire de donation, celle par amazon n'a pas fonctionné,peut on utiliser PayPal ?
22 March 2022 (17:04) 
I can't make a donation due to the payment options, paypal
22 March 2022 (22:51) 
Would like to donate but no Pay Pal.
23 March 2022 (04:37) 
Dear Z-library Community,

I have noted your fundraising drive and would love to contribute. However, I have been unemployed over the past 30 months and I am just struggling to survive. If my situation improve in the future, I shall contribute. Thank you for understanding.

23 March 2022 (14:09) 
To tell you the truth, it's a little expensive to change US dollars into RMB. I hope it's a little lower. You're a global website!
24 March 2022 (05:20) 
24 March 2022 (14:33) 
Sanogo Ousmane
La est belle quand même
24 March 2022 (17:32) 
Breaker of wind
who are you? there must be persons running the show, so who are you? where are you? i am curious about these things because it is so faceless otherwise.
27 March 2022 (01:34) 
How do you upload an article? I see no way to select article instead of book when using the uploader.
27 March 2022 (05:22) 
29 March 2022 (11:08) 
Ngo Duc Thien
I can not donate with my card Master, why?
30 March 2022 (23:06) 
Quisiera donar , pero no encuentro Pay Pal entre las formas de envío de dinero
31 March 2022 (07:21) 
I want to be sure you received my donation. I’m very happy I found z lib
31 March 2022 (15:47) 
Ман гардонандаи маблағгузории шуморо қайд кардам ва мехостам саҳм гузорам. Бо вуҷуди ин, ман дар тӯли 30 моҳи охир бекор будам ва танҳо барои зинда мондан мубориза мебарам. Агар вазъи ман дар оянда беҳтар шавад, ман саҳм мегузорам. Ташаккур барои фаҳмиш.
05 April 2022 (12:24) 
a alguien mas le pasa que cuando quieres descargar un libro ya no te deja dice 5 libros permitidos por dia pero recien conoci este lugar y no me descarga el libro porfavor necesito ayuda
12 April 2022 (06:34) 
come cancello i commenti che faccio?
13 April 2022 (20:35) 
Thank you! But I found that some journals could not be consulted and have not been updated after 2020, when I searched for journals. And I hope it can be improve.
15 April 2022 (06:41) 
Feature request: have the "downloaded" tag visible also in the booklists, to avoid opening books descriptions or reloading books already downloaded.

Thanks and keep going with all the good work!
19 April 2022 (13:10) 
Hi !
I'm very proud of your work and I ask God to keep you healthy so that you can go on with such a great and good work...
thanks a lot
22 April 2022 (13:02) 
I am very happy I found z lib.
06 May 2022 (06:10) 
I am glad to be part of your readers
13 May 2022 (01:02) 
I have not been able to open all the downloads today on book section
12 July 2022 (05:36) 
Thanks for all the hard work! Are you guys ever going to start an Audiobook Collection?
13 July 2022 (01:38) 
The hard work and efforts will go a long way. Thanks for the contributions towards this updated version
16 July 2022 (06:37) 
05 August 2022 (18:40) 
Hi friends..any help finding these books: Caldera 1 Heath Stallcup. The desert, Bryon Morrigan. Thx!
09 August 2022 (05:43) 
10 August 2022 (06:08) 
11 August 2022 (09:54) 
24 August 2022 (17:45) 


Yale Global Tic Severity Scale

Lawrence David Scahill

Nursing and Child Psychiatry, Yale Child Study Center, Yale University School of Nursing, New Haven, CT, USA

Marcus Autism Center, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, Atlanta, GA, USA

Department of Pediatrics, Emory University, Atlanta, GA, USA




Yale Global Tic Severity Scale: The YGTSS is a commonly used measure to document the severity of motor and phonic tics. It is performed by a clinician interview. The clinician reviews a list of possible tics that may have occurred over the past week, first motor and then vocal tics. Once the tics that have occurred over the past week are established, the interviewer goes on to ask about the frequency of the tics, the intensity or forceful- ness of the tics, the complexity of the tics, and the extent to which the tics are directly interfering in the person’s daily life. These dimensions are rated for both motor and phonic tics. The combined total is often used as a measure for overall tic

severity. The YGTSS also includes an overall impairment scale rated from 0 to 50. A score of 0 would indicate that the presence of Tourette syndrome has no negative impact on a person’s life. By contrast, a score of 50 would indicate marked interference and disability associated with the presence of Tourette syndrome. The over- all impairment caused by Tourette syndrome may not be completely driven by the tic severity. Some individuals with mild tics may be deeply troubled and embarrassed by the tics. By contrast, some individuals with marked tics seem to proceed with life without too much difficulty.

See Also

▶ Tics

▶ Tourette’s Syndrome

References and Reading

Leckman, J. F., Riddle, M. A., Hardin, M. T., Ort, S. I.,

Swartz, K. L., Stevenson, J., & Cohen, D. J. (1989). The Yale Global Tic Severity Scale: Initial testing of a clinician-rated scale of tic severity. Journal of the American Academy of Child Psychiatry, 28(4), 566–573.

Piacentini, J., Woods, D. W., Scahill, L., Wilhelm, S., Peterson, A., Chang, S., et al. (2010). Behavior therapy for children with Tourette disorder: A randomized con- trolled trial. Journal of the American Medical Associa- tion, 303(19), 1929–1937.

© Springer Nature Switzerland AG 2021

F. R. Volkmar (ed.), Encyclopedia of Autism Spectrum Disorders,

5244 Yale In Vivo Pragmatic Protocol



Yale In Vivo Pragmatic Protocol

Elizabeth Schoen Simmons Department of Psychological Sciences,

University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT, USA




The Yale in vivo Pragmatic Protocol is an assess- ment tool that measures pragmatic language through a semi-structured conversational task in verbal children aged 9–17. It contains a series of predetermined probes to collect information on a variety of conversational speech acts. Within this 30–40-min conversation, the examiner inserts 23 pragmatic probes within five conversational domains (discourse management, communicative function, conversational repair, presupposition, register variation). If the child produces a prag- matic language behavior in response to the probe, the conversation continues and the next probe is administered. If the child does not respond to the probe, the examiner systematically provides a series of prompts to determine whether or not these prompts are helpful in the production of the pragmatic behavior.

Historical Background

The YiPP was developed by Dr. Rhea Paul and piloted at the Yale Child Study Center.

Psychometric Data

This measure is not standardized but yields qual- itative information on pragmatic language skills. Norm-reference to a group of typically develop- ing age-mates is provided.

Clinical Uses

This assessment provides a naturalistic means to assess pragmatic language difficulties commonly seen in children with autism spectrum disorders. Due to the probes used in this assessment, it re- quires the child to speak in full sentences. Thus, this evaluation is best suited for higher functioning children on the autism spectrum. It yields qualita- tive information in five domains of pragmatic lan- guage. The information derived from this tool can be useful for intervention programming.

See Also

▶ Conversational Manner

▶ Discourse Management

▶ Pragmatic Communication

References and Readings

Paul, R. (2005). Assessing communication in autism spectrum disorders. In D. Cohen & F. Volkmar (Eds.), Handbook of autism and pervasive developmental disorders (3rd ed., pp. 799–816). New York: Wiley.

Schoen, E., & Paul, R. (2009). Assessing pragmatic language in high-functioning autism. Poster presented at the symposium on research in child language disorders, Madison.

Simmons, E. S., Paul, R., & Volkmar, F. (2014). Assessing pragmatic language in autism spectrum disorder: The Yale in vivo pragmatic protocol. Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research, 57, 2162–2173.


Yeast Infection

Fred R. Volkmar

Child Study Center, Irving B. Harris Professor of Child Psychiatry, Pediatrics and Psychology, Yale Child Study Center, School of Medicine, Yale University, New Haven, CT, USA


Various types of yeast can cause infection in dif- ferent parts of the body. The most common cause


YiPP 5245

of yeast infection is Candida albicans. It can be oral thrush or with vaginitis. Males can also exhibit genital infection. At times, yeast infection can be systemic and potentially very serious (usually this occurs when the individual has some other condition that compromises the immune system, e.g., AIDS). On the skin surface or oral mucosa, yeast infection causes inflation inflammation. Yeast is diagnosed based on micro- scopic examination and search for characteristic yeast organisms. A range of antifungal drugs is used to treat yeast infection. These can be topical or systemic.

In addition to the medically accepted yeast infections (noted above), others have proposed that “subclinical” yeast infection can cause a wide range of problems and can be treated by a special diet. The notion behind this diet is that yeast infection, sometimes acquired at the time of vaginal birth, causes autism. The diet consists of having children avoid food that contains yeast or fermented foods, perhaps combined with medications used in treatment of yeast infec- tions. Although dramatic claims have been made, the treatment is unproven. (Smith et al. 2014).

Clearly systematic data on this intervention cannot be regarded as having a solid evidence base. Despite this many parents wish to pursue this (or other complementary/alternative) treat- ment options. Typically dietary interventions focused on yeast advise parents to avoid foods for the child that contain yeast (baked goods) or which are fermented (soy sauce) or aged (cheeses). Sugar is also to be avoided. Occasionally parents will wish to pursue long- term anti-fungal treatments – again with no clear evidence of yeast infection. As noted above, although dramatic claims have been made for these treatments, substantive scientific data are lacking, and the hypothesis of “yeast overgrowth” in children with autism has no scientific basis. Helping parents make informed treatment deci- sions is an important aspect of medical care in


References and Reading

Committee on Children with Disabilities. (2001). American Academy of Pediatrics: Counseling families who choose complementary and alternative medicine for their child with chronic illness or disability. Pediatrics, 107(3), 598–601.

Hyman, S. L., & Levy, S. E. (2005). Introduction: Novel therapies in developmental disabilities, hope, reason, and evidence. Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities Research Reviews, 11(2), 107–109.

Jacobson, J. W., Foxx, R. M., & Mulick, J. A. (Eds.). (2005). Controversial therapies for developmental dis- abilities: Fad, fashion and science in professional practice. Mahwah: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.

Levy, S. E., Mandell, D. S., Merhar, S., Ittenbach, R. F., & Pinto-Martin, J. A. (2003). Use of complementary and alternative medicine among children recently diag- nosed with autistic spectrum disorder. Journal of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics, 24(6), 418–423.

Perrin, J. M., Coury, D. L., Hyman, S. L., Cole, L., Reynolds, A. M., & Clemons, T. (2012). Complementary and alternative medicine use in a large pediatric autism sample. Pediatrics, 130(Suppl 2), S77–S82.

Smith, T., Oakes, L., & Selver, K. (2014). Alternative treatments. In F. R. Volkmar, S. J. Rogers, R. Paul, &

K. A. Pelphrey (Eds.), Handbook of autism and perva- sive developmental disorders (4th ed., pp. 1051–1069). Hoboken: Wiley.

Volkmar, F., & Wiesner, L. (2009). A practical guide to autism. Hoboken: Wiley.



▶ Duloxetine: Definition



▶ Yale Global Tic Severity Scale



▶ Yale In Vivo Pragmatic Protocol

24 August 2022 (17:46) 


A-1 ldentify the goals of behavior analysis as a science (i.e., description, prediction, control.)

A-3 Describe and explain behaviorfrom the perspective of radical behaviorism.

A-5 Describe and define the dimensions of applied behavior analysis (Baer, Wolf, & Risley, 1968).

Description- A collection of facts about the observed events that can be quantified, classified, and examined for possible relations with other know n facts; often suggests possib le hypotheses of questions for additional research.

Prediction- Repeated observations reveal that two events consistently co-vary with each other; this corre latio n can be used to predict the relative probability that one event will occur based on the presence of another event; cannot demonstrate functional relations since no variables are manipulated; but can suggest p ossibility of causal relations to be explored; prediction enables prep aration .

Control- Highest leve l of understand ing; functional relations- manipulation of independent variable can be used to produce a reliable change in dependent variab le that is un likely the result of extraneo us (confounding) variables.


Determinism- The universe is a lawful and orderly place in which all phenomena occur as the result of other events; (NOT accidentalism- events occur by accident; NOT fatalism- events are predetermined).

Selectionism- B. F. Skinner said that there are 3 ways that the environment can apply itself upon a living being : Phylogenic, Ontogenic and Cultural.

Phylogenic: Natural evolution of a species (aka Darwinism). By a natural process of survival characteristics, each generation is passed characteristics by its predecessors. Phy log enics is a discipline in biology that is the study of the evolutionary history of groups of organisms

Ontogenic: This refers to how the environment changes an individual over his or her lifetime.

Cultural: Passing behavior from one person to another by imitation and modeling.

Empiricism- Objective observation.

Experimentation- An experiment is a carefully conducted comparison of a dependent variab le under 2 or more different conditions in which only the independent variable varies from one condition to another .

Replication- The repeating of experiments to dete rmine the reliability and usefulness of findings and discover mistakes; needed in order for a find ing to be accepted as a pattern.

Parsimony- Ali simple, logical explanations for phenomena must be ruled out before more complex or abstract explanations are considered.

Philosophical Doubt- Continually questioning the truthfulness of what is regarded as fact; healthy level of skepticism.

Pragmatism- Drawing a general rule from specific observations; inductive reasoning.

Skinner talks about pragmatic selectionism when introducing his concept of the 3- term contingency (antecedent, behavior, consequence)

Pragmatism places emphasis on value of the knowledge/truth...l can see this being more of a shift towards ABA with talk about the practical/value of the knowledge uncovered by Skinner's earlier work.

image A-3 Describe and explain behavior from the perspective of radical behaviorism.


Radical behaviorism is the school of thought pioneered by B. F. Skinner that argues that behavior, rather than mental states, should be the focus of stud y in psychology.

lt att emp ts to explain all behavior, including private behavior (thoughts and feelings).

Skinner's science of behavior emphasizes the importance of reinforcement and the relationships between observable stimuli and responses. Behaviors do not depend on thoughts, feelings, or other internai processes; rathe r, they are natural events that occur as a result of other events in the environment. Benefits and consequences of a behavior either increase or decrease the probability of that behavior occurring in the future. For example, if Sarah b ites her nails, she does so notas a conscious or unconscious decision to relieve anxiety but because the behavior is rewarding in some way.




Distinguish among behaviorism, the experimental analysis of behavior, applied behavior analysis, and professional practice guided by the science of behavior analysis.


Behaviorism- Philosophy of the science of behavior.

Experimental Analysis of Behavior- Basic research; used single subject lab studies. Analysis of operant b ehavior "with its unique relation to the environment presents a separate important field of investigation."

Applied Behavior Analysis- Development of a technology for improving behavior. Can only be understood in the context of the philosophy and basic research tradi t ions and findings. lt is a scientific approach for discovering environmental variables that reliably influence soc ially significant behavio r and for developing a t echnology of behavior change that takes pra ct ical advantage of those disco veries.

Professional practice guided by the science of Behavior Analysis- The professional practice of behavior analysis is the delivery of interventions to consumers that are guided by the princip les of behaviorism and the research of bath the experimental analysis of behavior and applied behavior analysis. Professional practice seeks maximum precision to change behavior most effectively in

sp ecific instances.



A-5 Describe and define the dimensions of applied behavior analysis (Baer, Wolf, &

Risley, 1968).


Applied- Positively changes socially significant b ehaviors (in areas of social, language, academic, daily living, self-care, vocational, and/or recreation and leisure) to enhance and improve life.

Behavioral- Observable and measurable behaviors are targeted. Selecting the correct behavior; behavior must be measurable; when behavior changes, must determine if the subj ect's b ehavior changed or if the observer or other partic ip ant 's behavior changed.

Analytic- Decisions are data based. Demonstrates experimental contrai over the occurrence and non-occurrence of the behavior (a functiona l relation is d emonstrat ed).

Technological- Procedures are described clearly and concisely so that others may implement them accuratel y. Written description of all p rocedures in the study is sufficiently complete and detailed to enable others to replicate it.

Conceptually Systematic- Procedures for chang ing behaviors and any interpretations of h ow or why those procedures were effective should be described in terms of the relevant principle(s) from which they derived.

Effective- Interventions are monitored to evaluate the impact on the target behavior. lmproves behavior sufficiently to produce practical results fo r the participant (s).

Generality- Produces behavior changes that last over time, appear in other environments, or spread to other behaviors.


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